Beer enjoyment
in the most diverse form!

Needless to say the Ayinger Brewery also has its “flagship” beers in its range of products (to simply say “standard beers” would be almost discriminatory), which are our “Jahrhundert Bier” (century beer) and “Lager Hell” (light-colored beer). Indeed it has always been the ambition of the proprietor and his master brewers to brew genuine specialties, relying for the most part on old recipes, especially in the sense of inherited beer culture. Included then alongside three types of wheat beers are a naturally cloudy “Kellerbier” (cellar beer) and seasonal specialties, such as “Kirtabier” (country fair beer) or “Winter Bock” (winter buck). Through its diversity of beer specialties, Ayinger lives out its traditional brewing art with true passion. The real reward here is the high loyalty value of genuine beer connoisseurs and bon vivants ranging far beyond Bavarian and German borders. And without doubt it is also the numerous top-class awards that also motivate us.

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